Tuesday, May 15

my 1st..

hmm.. after reading wawai's blog, i think a lot.. in fact, i owes think a lot.. =) frens indeed play a reli important role in our lives.. wat i hav nw are my family, frens n oso my studies.. well, frens come after my family.. after i left secondary sch, i finally realised tat some of our frens are irreplaceable.. it's true! i believe tat many of us hav finally known tat kind of feeling.. alto we know new frens, u know tat somehow they jz cant be the gang u usually hang out wif..

i managed to know lotsa frens after i went to riam.. they are quite nice actually, but i jz couldnt mix up wif them like wat i do as usual.. i no longer chit-chat a lot like before, laugh loudly like a mad gal, n neither do i share my things wif them.. it seems like i m the one who couldnt open up my heart to them.. u know, it's hard to open up ur heart to sombody unless u hav known him or her for a long long time.. like my sistaz.. i can share everything of mine wif them.. why? it's bcuz we hav developed strong bond between us thru yrs.. yep, thru YEARS.. like wawai, jin, chai them.. i hav known them for yrs.. we went thru a bundles of stuff together - sweet, sour, bitter, spicy.. salty perhaps? we learn thru each other.. we see thing differently n we learn lessons too!

nw everyone's at different places, pursuing their dreams.. things did change.. when frens come back, u wil notice something different.. undeniably, everyone's growing.. so am i! i'm learning to be contented, obedient, n more mature oso (ps:wawai said tat i m MATURE! notice tat urself =P) haha.. life's goin on.. frens are everywhere.. jz see how u define it..

frens make a difference in ur life. like wawai, jin n chai, they let me noe tat i can be QUITE mature at times (i mean my inner self).. as for cp, he makes me realize tat sometimes i could be a good observer to see those small small things alto i m not a good leader.. hui chieng help me learn tat frenship can be reli fragile.. *pling-plang* it would jz break like tat if u are not careful enough.. jasp.. he let me know sometimes ur frens wil bounce to u jz like a fishball! (it means tat they bring u laughter! u smile n laugh when u see someone bouncing to u rite?) as for da jie.. well we've known each other for bout 11 yrs but sometimes things are hard to be mended.. anyway, thanks to her for bringing so much fun n joy..
u only wil appreciate when u lose thing.. ppl are owes like tat.. they learn to appreciate only AFTER they lose something.. so appreciate before it's too late! it's a lesson tat evryone hav to learn thru their lives.. no doubt =)
oh.. my mind goes blank gradually.. my fingers stop n tat's my 1st blog here..


  1. yoyo.. haha.. i inspired u 2 start ur blog ah.. haiz.. let u c tat i praised u.. shudn't have. haha..

    after leaving ur pals, u then realize how important are they 2 u.. how much they meant 2 u.. each n every fren is unique n no one shall replace them in our heart.. no matter where they are, how far they are... they shall always remain in our heart, so as are their spirit...

  2. Wei way to go le, started your blog liao haha.. not bad, keep it going so that we can get updated on each other through stuffs like this one..

    We're all going through the more or less the same thing sa po nee.. When u miss your frens, its means that there are those whom you miss out there missing you. But note this, we all need to move on. Our teenage sec school life gave us the best few memories of life, which is why the bonds we form back then are, distinctively, seemingly unbreakable..

    I sent you a mail but you didnt reply.. Maybe u din receive it in the first place?

    Love from Pong..

  3. hey wawai.. if u praised me in ur blog then u should feel proud to show it to me ma.. dun shy dun shy. haha!

    mr pong, i din received ur mail o. jz nw i go to my inbox to double check again. or maybe u send it to the wrong mailbox? anyway, i send another short one back to u. if u stil fail to receive it tel me ya. haha! nw reading ur blog.. updating.. n it's 1.24 am nw! ha!

  4. weiii~ wawei jus gaf me ur blog add...i dun find any link to it leer...eh, why u describe me til like im really a fishball huh? where got i 'bounce' to u? dun simply say o...=P u forget to say fishball very tasty..haha..okla..i admit i brought u all alot of laughters la..hehe..

    yea, friends come and go. But im trying to keep the few good ones from going away from me la..haha..=P anyway, a very good first attempt..i can feel it liaw...haha..=P


  5. fishball!! admit la.. the way u walk reli like bouncing 'twuengg twuengg twuengg' hahahahaha!! ya, keep them close to ur heart.. those 'few good one' are reli hard to find u noe? frens come easily but to make them stay tat's quite difficult.. haha!! neway, pray tat u wil owes be wif them.. cheers for u all!!~