Monday, May 21


oh gosh.. i cant sleep again.. nothing to do so jz post something to update all of u.. well, i no longer studied at riam. i am nw currently at ITF, which stands for Institut Tinggi Fajar. maybe some of u might think tat, 'eeeuuuw.. how come u wil make tat choice??' it's ok.. i understand tat. well, as long as i m focused n i know wat i wan in my life, i jz hav to stay focus n keep moving. tat's all. sometimes, if u take the others' views or opinions too seriously, u wil get choked.. life's easy, live it to the fullest, for urself, not for the others. life is ur very own property rite? hmm.. wat i plan to do nw is giv out my best n hopefully one day, i can reach my aim.. no pain no gain. without hard work n determination, nothing can be done.. thanks to grace cuz she is the one who helps me a lot as i m totally new there, not knowing anyone except grace.. starting to know new frens n it's quite fun. there's a china gal in my class n i enjoy talking to her alto my chinese is not tat 'chun'.. so while talking to her i m 'upgrading' my chinese pronounciation as well.. learn a lot of new words tat can be used in our daily lives n which we never used before. an example, when u discover tat u hav pimples on ur cheek, we wil usually say ‘呓...有一粒东西’ instead of tat 'yi li dong xi', ‘看,我的脸上长了一个小疙瘩!’ tis sound nicer rite? haha.. oh no, it's reli late nw n i'd better go to bed nw.. or else i wont be able to wake up tml.. i stil hav some chapter to go thru n some exercises to be completed.. 老毛病,临时抱佛脚... =P


  1. wahlao eh... polishing up ur chinese wif PRC ah... cool... heheh... anyway... i saw ur pic!! in the classroom 1 i mean! this Aunty Vivien Lim's blog she posted it up. She's from my church back in Miri 1!! Heheh... Saw u sitting 2gether wif grace!
    Nice 2 see that you're determined abt wat u want 4 life already. Praise God 4 tat!

  2. haha... u think u talk like tat u'll bcum more ladylike ha? haha.. jklah. teach jin la.. she has always wanted 2 becum more ladylike.. so.. i guess speaking like those china ppl helps.. haha.

    don improve too much o.. later when i go back i cannot understand wat u tok then u know.. haha..

  3. hey joseph!! yep.. she asked us yesterday, 'u two are joseph's classmates? he ask wat the two of u are doin there in my class' haha! kinda fun! today lesson is cancelled cuz she's not feeling well.. she has an upset tummy.. pity her.. ya, it's better to hav an aim. or else i wil be lost in my life. haha!!

    wawai! nole.. like tat wont be ladylike.. later ppl say i m pretending to be more si wen. haha!! jin a.. she more lihai than me so ne need to teach her la. haha! dun worry, i stil talk like before.. 'malaysian chinese' or else i myself wil feel weird to talk in 'china slang' haha!

  4. no need teach jin la..she ord super ladylike...haha..dun change her...=P ehhe..

  5. gek dao jasper... speechless.
    ooo? wat does she mean by tat? heheh... does she teach u all oso? very fun eh her... heehee...

  6. hey fishball!! wont change jin de la.. her power so strong no need we change de.. ya, she's sooooooooo ladylike liao.. haha!! guess wat's her reaction when she see wat we talk bout her here.. haha!!

    joseph!! yep, she's my lecturer o.. attending her class is reli quite fun.. listen to her funny jokes n stories.. haha!! but july we wil hav another 2 lecturers n she wont be teaching us liao.. *sigh*

  7. Hi hi Yeng Nee, Wow, didn't know you blog too. Keep it up, girl!!

    BTW it is fun to have you and Grace in my class and i feel the same too, P4 gonna end real soon and I'll be missing you all...

    Right, no matter what you do, do it right, do it for the Glory of God.

  8. hey Mdm Vivien! u discover my blog thru joseph's blog rite? hmm.. staying focused is not an easy thing to do.. but as long as i m sure wat i wan in my life, everything will be ok.. =)