Thursday, June 14


today i went to pete's deli while waiting for my sis.
oh gosh.. i miss the lasagna A LOT!!! wawai sure can understand my feelings =P
unfortunately, the uncle din make any lasagna today.. too bad..
but he gave me more cheese for the spaghetti n he promised to make some lasagna (i told him i wil return on fri. haha!)
sometimes, eating lasagna brings some of the secondary memories back to me..
almost everytime i went pete's, i ordered lasagna.
jin likes the roasted chicken while wawai prefers the coleslaw, perhaps sandwiches sometimes..
chai seldom (or never?) try the spaghetti n lasagna cuz.. BEEF! she's a buddist.
da jie oso quite often has roasted chic n the chicken pie.
sometimes i wonder, how could i survive under great pressure during my f5 life?
i used to complain reli A LOT.. the tests (every single subject!), the teachers (especially the 'han'), the juniors, the seniors, my classmates, bla bla bla..
i complaint everything! (oh gosh.. i m reli 'contented' n 'grateful')
but nowadays, i start to miss all those time..
when i ist entered chung hua, i was stil blur n dumb. so 'suku'!
i made frens wif ppl around me, mixed wif new frens (dun worry, i stil remember the old ones), bcom close frens wif those ngam key one, learnt to ponteng, committed myself to some responsibilities, joined some clubs, liked a few boys secretly or 'openly', learnt how to play tricks during exams (the 1st attempt was my transition monthly test, geography or history), failed in exams, jeered the teachers, most importantly, SLEEP in class! when i was a primary student i never do tat. i was once a good student too!
wow~.. studying in chung hua reli benefits me a lot. i learnt lots of things which might be useful in my future, i guess. secondary life is indeed our lifetime treasure. u wont enjoy it until u finish ur secondary education.
like now, i miss the time when i studied so hard for spm, alto i suffered a lot tat time. pustaka bcom my 2nd home n i hav to sacrifice most of my time to study. i went to bed late n woke up early in the morning, then i ended up falling asleep in the class. teachers were all used to it. copying homework is oso one way to polish my writing speed. but when i write fast, my handwriting look like worms. jaiton ever canned me for not doing homework!
hmm.. let me recall.. listed are some of the valuable pieces..
i never expected i would be elected as one the lance section leaders in f2. luckily i was elected. or else i missed out lots of fun. playing wif little them indeed enjoyable. alto we were quite silly sometimes, those moments are indeed memorable! wat.. cp oso silly wif us ba..
u noe wat is the most special bday prez i ever rcv? it's a...... BIBLE. joseph gave me tat in f3 or f4.. i was reli surprised to rcv tat.. joseph, tel u wat, i only read half page of it cuz the words are jz too small.. my eyes cant tahan. haha!
in f3, jin n i sit together. once we both fall asleep accidentally during ursula's period. when she saw us 'resting', her reaction was totally unexpected! 'are u two feeling well? sick?' oh.. how caring..
last yr rita told chai n i tat bananas are good for memory.. we two reli stupid. bought a bunch of bananas n finished all while studying at sch (sure we got gave some to the others la) as a result, we rushed to the toilet! BOOOOMM!
pn marina evr fooled me n mchin on the april fool. she said tat someone saw mchin n i vandalising the kh room n therefore pn zakinah wan to see us. we were so scared so we followed her. who noe when we reach the groud floor, she said 'ya, it's an april fool;s joke. i jz wan to find someone accompany me to walk down the staircase.' tat time i was in f2 n my class was at the 3rd floor.
the 1st time i saw mei chi when i was in transition, i was like..'wow.. tis gal is so pretty n smart! n she's sitting near to me!' nono.. pls dun misunderstood, i m not lesbian. haha!
before hui chieng left, she organised a gathering at everly. tat time i cudnt stop my tears. chai cried too. ya, we feel berat hati.. right after tat we went to parkson. i bought new slippers cuz my feet hurt. tat's wat i quite often do when go out wif frens cuz my shoes or slippers n my feet are jz too fragile. get hurt easily.
being an ajk muda is fun. staying back for practices wif frens.. chung hua is quite scary at nite. but it's less scary if we were wif our frens. tat time we all stayed back for the drama thingy n we went to toilet together, no matter boy or girl. altogether 20 ppl go toilet. girls walk in the front boys at the back. someone threw a coin from behind on the way back from toilet n it dropped right in front of the girls. imagine the girls' reaction... "ARRRRHHHHH!!!!" haha! who's the culprit??
f4 orientation.. our own orientation!! hav lots of fun but i too din forget to find time to catch snake. some of us stayed back for the closing.. work together, cut the ' zhu qing ting', walk to tanjung to da bao food at twelve, sleep late, peep the others' sleeping look, only wake up when the new students arrived, not paying respect to the prefects.. oh gosh.. so akai.. haha! the moment the 'zhu qing ting' fly everywhere is touching.. so beautiful..
oh.. i hav written too much i guess.. but tat's not the end.. dear frens, u're all my pieces of jigsaw puzzle. i left one piece for every single one of u all. i can only complete the puzzle wif all the pieces tat u're holding nw. dun lose it as it's the passport to my memory lane.. it wudnt be complete without even a piece..


  1. my gosh...the last part was so sweet...=) about everyone of ur frens having one piece of the jigsaw puzzle...yierr..=)

    Undeniable..we all had our best times in our secondary school...thinking back, it makes all of us smile...=)

    Just told karwei i was smiling reading ur entry..i asked her to drop by later to read...hehe..

  2. yea.. nice entry... couldnt help smiling when i read some of the parts too.. i remember the 'banana' thing... tat time i tink we went 2 the fish market there 4 breakfast then u n chai kept asking us where 2 buy bananas. apuh... gek diok ah...

    darn it...! y i so kiam siap tat time buy so small words 1 Bible ho...? hahah... stupid!

  3. hmm.. seem like tis is indeed a sweet entry ya! make the two of u smile while reading.. haha! it's been sometimes since i last updated my blog.. gotta post new entry soon! haha! wil try to make my every post as sweet as possible =P

  4. yea... as sweet as u r, yeah? heheheh.... i'm trying 2 b sweet here 2...