Tuesday, July 3

little piece of my recent life

hmm.. it's been some time since i posted something in english. let's post something short here.. i will forget how to write in english, sooner or later, if i still write in chinese. well, as many of you know, my life is extremely free and i am rotting day by day, so, i got a plan in my mind. guess what.. i plan to learn drawing AGAIN! ok ok, dont be so shocked.. think many of you wil have this in your mind 'what the?? yeng nee gonna draw??!!' i can imagine your expression right now in front of the screen.. your mouth opened wide, your eyeballs 'twueng'ing outside your eye sockets n your spec drop.. well, i ever learnt drawing before, cant remember when.. had lots of fun during the learning. though i am not very talented in drawing, i wish i could start drawing again. of course i learn this not because i want to be an art teacher.. just wanna do something that i like and draw for fun la.. like that kind of feeling when i finish a piece of drawing.. feel so satisfied.. the 满足感.. get what i am trying to express here? i am still young and i cant waste my time just like that, agree? who know i will be the next piccaso??(or is it 'picasso'? did i spell his name correctly? please tell me if i spell it wrong.) alright, gonna find myself a teacher soon n start drawing! wish me all the best ya~ smiLe~~

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