Thursday, July 12

once upon in a saturday

well well well.. finally i am able to sit down and post something here without any disturbances. actually, i was supposed to post something about the lauching held last saturday. but when i was just about to click the 'publish post' button, the line 'putus'!! everything was gone and as a result, i have to retype!! this is my fourth attempt.. if i fail to publish this post AGAIN, i gonna hang myself.. haha! just kidding.. i am still so young and my prince charming hasnt found me. gee..

upon mdm vivien's request, i should have taken tonnes of photos and get them uploaded here. but i was just too lazy to bring the camera. if i bring the camera with me, i will have to bring along a small bag also. sorry ya mdm vivien. but i know you will forgive my laziness and wont be angry with me. am i right? hehe..

the official launching ceremony was held at parkcity everly and everyone had to wear tee shirt with 'kolej fajar' printed (not embroided) there. i wonder why dont they embroide the words le? after few washings the words sure will vanish. tell you what.. my shirt is indeed very really extra large. now i start to believe the early bird catch early worms thingy. one of my friend went and bought it earlier and she got the last piece s sized tee! how lucky she is.. haha! even the s size is already a bit too big, so imagine tiny yeng nee in m-sized tee. funny right? cant stop laughing myself when i looked into the mirror. haha!

alright, now straight to the ceremony. dr tham delivered his speech to commence the ceremony. he said it took him three years to get the college launched. wow~ isnt he a determined man? three years is not a short period le.. as all of you know, i could hardly concentrate when people are talking on the stage. or should i say i NEVER concentrate? ok, i know this is indeed VERY VERY rude but please forgive me. if i can concentrate during speeches that means i am not the original yeng nee lo. yeng nee loves daydreaming so much~! agree? ;)

after that it was mr sebastian's turn.. yea! you have got it right! right at that time i was grumbling.. 'what? another speech?? how come o.. i beh tahan liao le.. akai' so when he's talking, i was like 'eyes on him but brain somewhere else'. my brain was wandering, to a very very far wonderland. haha! i saw few people busy taking photos and this reminded me of mdm vivien. i assume that she loves photographing. if she were here sure she has loads of photo to be uploaded. haha! soneone annoyed me so much throughout the ceremony. dont want to talk much about that. i am a lady, i dont wish to scold bad words..

oh ya! i nearly forgot about the highlight - the slideshow! it was quite interesting and it almost shocked me till death.. why? because i saw my meaty round and akai face appeared in the first photo. i regretted for not taking my mum's advice, that is to apply the so-called whitening+sunblock cream and the eye masks daily.. my eyebags are quite an eyesore.. yucks!!

after everything's done, i called my mum. while waiting for her, i sat alone at the lobby and something captured my eyes.. see?

didi it remind you of something? i guess so.. it's also one of my memory pieces..


  1. Hello, dear ... u were never a lazy person... i believe it's just taking pictures (for me) esp at the launching ceremony might be asking a little too much from you.

    Nevertheless, I really appreciate the effort put in this entry.

    Thank you so very muchi..

  2. hey mdm vivien! haha.. i only take photos when i m in the mood. see the piano down there? i took it when the feel came. haha! thanks for appreciating my effort.. at least my 3 or 4 times of attempt worth! gee~~