Thursday, August 16

ni cant wait!! they're coming back tomorrow! yoohoo~!! and there will be a gathering this saturday, all arranged by the parents. they are a thousand times more excited than i am. haha! gotta watch rush hour 3 with chai and jin them. plan to watch ratatouille too. seems like a great movie. when was the last time we watched movie together? i cant remember. this year? or last year? wawai sure will envy us, wont she? wakakakaka! can imagine her stamping her foot while we're enjoying ourselves in the cineplex~~ hehe! haven seen chai for months since she came back during mid-year holidays. jin too, the last time we went out together was the week before her school reopened. accompanied her to buy clothes for her presentation. siao fong and i 'worked' part-time as her consultants, for free!! haha! how nice we are.. haven got wawai's news. except from her blog.. hey gal, i am waiting your mail here le.. or you as well are waiting my mail too? haha! let's see who will take this first step. just received little's mail. lost contact with her for about two weeks?? she was too busy with her school stuff. pity her.. glanced through little's, lisa's and joseph's comments on my photos. thanks ya mate! i am glad that someone did actually look through my recent photos. haha! cp seem to be in blue mood and homesick.. big bro, having a hard time surviving there? luckily he still can throw all his feelings here. keep updating your blog ya, as i am one of your pembaca setia. gee~ fishball is feeling down recently, i guess (after i'd read his entries) he seems to get upset because of his friends and those he called hypocrites. hypocrites are everywhere and we cant avoid from meeting them.

now here's some of my recent lifepieces.. my lecturer had finished paper 1. that means i have another one book more to revise. have been revising these few nights. i found it's hard to be determined. sometimes i tend to curi tulang. instead of studying, i watch tv. last night, i stayed up late juzt to WATCH TV!! what the.. so gotta study 'double' tonight. haha! suddenly think of how my life will be if i leave my family one day. i see myself going home tiredly after school, cooking in the kitchen and screaming because of the splattering oil, doing the laundry myself and sighing alone, crying on my bed becauce i miss my mum and dad... oh gosh.. i dont dare to think any deeper again. but i know that someday i will have to go through all that. so, what shall i do now? be braver and braver from day to day, train myself to be tough and, most importantly, treasure everyday that i spend with my family ^^

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