Monday, August 13


sis is studying right now, half a metre from me. pity her.. next week will be a really tough week for her. akakakakaka! should i offer to help her to wash the dishes next week? hmm.. i am a bit lazy.. thinking of washing the dishes for the WHOLE week make me sick. well, i dont really like to deal with the housechores. sis reminds me of my secondary school life. time doesnt fly, time whizzes. once i was like her too, staying late to 3 in the morning just to bermesra-mesraan with the books. honestly, i aint the hardworking type. sometimes i wonder, how come some of my pals can stick with those annoying books for the whole day?? they just loved their books! oh gosh.. but now, i miss all those times, battling with the evil exams. human beings are really weird, dont you think so? they seldom know how to enjoy and appreciate every single moment of their lives when they can do so. i bow for those who really know to appreciate. ya, for me, it's pretty hard to be contented. although i always tell myself to be grateful. see, i have everything. i have my family by my side, my pals, my studies and the list go on.. maybe i am not grown up enough and i still cant think maturely in some aspects. i have read through some of my pals recent lifepieces and everyone seem to have mood swings recently. why? why is everyone going through this? this is one of the routes that we have to take as it leads us to the growing path, i guess. i am 19 this year and after 7 months, i will be in the 20s. does that mean that no more teen years for me? i am in a dilemma. sometimes i cant wait to be a grown-up but sometimes i am scared to be an adult. i dont see a lot, i dont know a lot, but yet i think a lot. why? very simple, because i am yeng nee, yeng nee thinks a lot. you knew it.

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