Friday, November 16

Her day..

It's has been a really really long time since i last posted my entry in english.
Well, just a piece of random pick here.
Today is quite a hectic, and a bit dramatic, day.
In short, today is a bit unusual.
Everything is not going as smoothly as expected.
My grandma was hospitalised. She's weak and i felt tight deep inside when i saw her.
My mum and dad had had a really bad day. They prefer to remain silent.
I myself am exhausted, but still, i have to stay awake.
Tomorrow i will be having my test, the 3rd paper i sit for this year.
Tat's why i couldn't cuddle myself in my bed as early as i wish.
I feel so sick..
But i have to keep going.
Don't forget i am the strong girl who will sustain every obstacle she confronts.
She will fight till the end.
No worries.. Fergie says 'Big girls don't cry'.
And i strongly, and undeniably, agree with her.
Ya, she's absolutely right. I am a big girl.
I won't cry.
Pals, please pray for me..
Everyone and everything is going to be okay soon, i believe.
A cup of nescafe and Fergie's voice will soothe away all the downhearted clouds.


  1. all the best to you poor little girl. dont worry, tomorrow is another day!

  2. thanks ya. i feel much much more better oledi=)

  3. i rmbr u told me b4 in my blog tat it's okay for us to cry sometimes. so yeah, crying is good for us sometimes. it's hard not to cry when u feel like crying! =)

  4. hey fishy! long time din hear from u! ya.. it's reli hard to stop the tears. but i m glad tat i managed to overcome all those stuffs. thanks for caring! u make me smile=)