Tuesday, January 1

Brand New

EmiLio yells to everyone out there..

Happy New Year!!

new entries coming up soon.. my compy was infected and hospitalised for the past few days.. chinese is unavailable temporarily and i am not used to posting my entries in english. hope the technician can fix this as soon as possible

quote from Mr Pong
"How the year has gone will be another credit to our wisdom and experience.
May the year ahead be full of excitement, reward, surprises and fulfillment!
Happy New Year!"

oh gosh.. i will be in my twenties in less than three-month time!
how time flies
i cant catch up with the swift paces
am gonna enhance my stamina
physically, and, mentally
to confront those upcoming obstacles

may all of you have a blessed and blissful year ahead
and also..
wish me myself all the best
i will pray hard tonite


  1. kho yeng nee!!!
    i'm home!!!
    bring me go yam cha o... hehehe

    i tot u'd be going out today..
    owel.. hope u enjoyed ur day!

  2. 新年新希望,祝福妳。


  3. Happy New Year! I'm glad to meet you at the last day of 2007.. =)

  4. Emilio,i think u wan to start in English version for year 2008.
    20yrs old,that mean u r adult already,yeah!haha~

  5. happy new year!!! ya, wish u all the best in everything!

  6. wawai! dun worry.. we wont let u go tat easily since u're back. hav to cia us yam cha! haha!


    颖,yaya! finally we managed to greet each other *wink*

    kukuciao~, i m not planning to start blogging in english. i hav difficulties in expressing myself using english. my technician had fixed tis n i m gonna update soon!

    wisteria, same to u too =D

    thung, wish u back too! all da best in watever u do=)

  7. cant adapt u use english to write ur blog

  8. 界豪,cuz chinese was not available. dun worry, i wil continue to write in chinese=)