Saturday, January 19

finally, an english one =D

gonna make this an english post
so that Henry and Kurt can read it

i have to say, last night was indeed an enjoyable and fabulous nite
i enjoyed it to the max!!
in the evening, i prepared myself and went to Parkson with my family
hunting hunting.. was hunting for some nice clothes
i had bought enough pants and jeans..
nice to see nice to wear but not too expensive tops were my prey
well, to conclude, searching for a parking place for few rounds was worthy
wow wow~~ found out that some ladies nowadays are really filthy rich!
a lady was queueing right behind me
and she spent nearly one thousand buying cosmetics!!
i was pretty shocked o.O
in my past 19++ years, i never spend that much money buying a particular thing (except phone la)
who knows, maybe one day in the future i will also be like her

around 8pm, i headed to Kingwood
my friends were waiting for me when i reached there
oh gosh.. i thought i was the last one to reach
sorry sorry.. i am late~
luckily! the VIP last night hadnt arrived too! phew~
ya.. our gathering last night was to celebrate sapo Lisa's birthday
her burfdae is actually on the 28th but we celebrated it earlier cos' Carol will go back to kl soon
gonna miss her.. my cuk..

when is the last time so many friends gather together?
rewind back.. it's been one, or perhaps two years?
oh.. i really miss those days when we were still the turbulent teenagers
stuffed with all kinds of hectic school activities and programmes
tiring days but it was soooo soooo sooooo FUN!

those youngsters are still the same, they hardly change
like Little is still the fun little lady, spreading laughters all the way long
and she had a new hair cut! the most in jellyfish style
Lisa looks more gorgeous but she is still that funny
Fur(ya, it's Mau Hong) just cant stop spitting out those xxx words
i was sitting right beside him and whenever he spoke, i felt like hiding my face in my palms, haha
Ah Biu is a bit noisier than the time when i 1st knew him
and he became more gentleman, he helped me to get hold of my big baggy while i was eating
love can change someone into a better person, am i right?
ya, congrate him, he's in love now! woohoo~
the lovebirds, Richard and Lee Moi.. so sweet!! Mr Richard, we havent divorced yet
how dare you berlaku curang??!!
hope Lee Moi wont get mad and punch me if she sees this. haha!
oh Kam.. you're still the chubby chubby boy.. as meaty as before..
some others were there too last night
they were Carol, Mei Chi, Hui Teen, Siaw Ching, Wen Yee, Shi Ping, Khin Siong, Kit Lung and Kang, the only junior who joined us last nite. he dyed his hair golden!
i was speechless when i 1st saw his hair =X

we all had a great time dining together.. chops! i guess the tauke had a big grin on his face(for sure!) when he received so many orders from us
eh eh, how come no discount one??
my chicken chop was served at 9.30!! but still, i wasnt unhappy or mumbled
cos' my old old friends were all around me
i couldnt stop lol-ing until Little shouted at me
'Nee, be careful o.. later your mouth's gonna fly away...'
what? mouth fly away??
as expected, all of us laughed like mad, like noone's around
definitely the people around threw us weird and annoyed look
i know i know.. we were too loud..

as usual, they asked about my relationship life
i had nothing to tell them, yet Fur grabbed and dug my phone
he wanna unbury the oh-you-must-have-hidden-them-from-me secret photos!
to no avail, he found nothing!
see, i have told you before.. haha!
dont worry guys, if i found my prince charming, i will tell you guys to share my joy

after eating, we went to Taman Awam for a walk
well, Miri is so small that we dont have anywhere else to go =.=
ya.. the park belongs to us, as if..
we talked aloud like noone's there and sprinkled the irritating laughs all around
we left tonnes of memories there, unbreakable memories that we shared

some pics to share.. here it goes~!
sometimes pics speak louder than words, agree?

actually i didnt expect much from the 2 megapixel phone camera, but i like the way the pics turned out to be! or should i thank the cameraman for his skill? nah.. forget about it.. haha!

spot me and the difference? we have no cameramans and we dont trust strangers either.. there are too many phone-grabbing cases nowadays.. and we have to save and tie our tummies for months before we can get ourselves a quality phone! so, we take turn to be the photographer

oww.. it's too dark.. can hardly see the faces, from left to right are HuiTeen, Little, MeiChi and me!

spent a quality nite with my beloved pals.. my Fri nite was extremely joyous!
they are some of those who add in colours to my life
the others, you know who i am talking about
i appreciate everyone's presence in my life, deeply

guys, i have uploaded the pics in Friendster so check it out!
stop nagging me for putting so many camwhore pics.. *blehh*
hey Ms Little, how come you are so fast? update earlier than me o?

here's a random childhood pic i found on the dining table this morning, it was taken when we're so young!
oh.. miss those carefree days too.. childhood is always nostalgic..

me, my youngest sis and another sis, the once-a-chubby-girl pretty lady

i looked so naive, didnt i? *wink*


  1. First time I see you blog in english.

    Cosmetics is that expensive. But this is the only way where you can buy time, so that you would look old.

    Why the picture can't click to zoom in ? If that is the case, I can't have a closer look at you.

  2. U reali hav a wonderful weekend wif fren,we need to appreciate friendship.Don't spoil friendship wif an undeserved/out of control/lack of thinking actions~
    I did it,i am damn regret~

  3. 好热闹!朋友聚会是最开心的了!

  4. My goodness, u really can write ar(length)... lazy to read~XD

  5. 哇塞..你的英文很好诶....



  6. 堕天使, this is not the 1st time i blog in english. hmm.. i m not sure why cant click and zoom in. i am really dumb in these IT stuffs.

    kukuciao~, ya, alto we can hardly spend time together, the feel remains the same. everytime we meet, there're plenty of topics we can share. but sometimes emotions are hard to be controlled rite? i can also just erupt like a volcano suddenly.


    (oo), haha! my every post is that lengthy, no wonder everyone is running away from here! haha!


    aaron_tch, i thought it's REALLY long, not just QUITE. haha!

  7. Phew..finally can read ur blog..thx for making it in english..^^

    Keep on writing yea..!

  8. wahhh so cute ah u when u were young! ^^

  9. kurt, dun worry, i wil! u too keep on writing ya! let the readers spam ur comments! ahaha!

    fishy, well, everyone looked cute when they're young rite? i bet u too look cute when u're so small. haha!

  10. Bad nee~~
    wana rampas ur ex-husband back??
    dunwan giv u...=)
    btw,we did hav a great nite tat day^^
    luckily we all still stay in miri..
    so..owes can meet la...hoho~~

  11. lee moi, oledi say is ex de liao lo. so wont rampas back de. wil wish u two sincerely. ahahaha! ya, but feel weird le.. seem like i m a reli big bulb. so bright! ahahah!