Thursday, February 21

Know me

*ehem ehem* clear my throat before i start talking..

well, i was.. TAGGED again! but this will be quite different. it's because, thru this, you guys will get to know me better than ever!

excited and impatient to wait? here goes..


When you got tagged, you have to add your name to people who had done the tag and and let the list grow!

Those Who
Bani gundu
Najmyhana ni mo naiLindoshSlebetcepoterh
Scarlet Kiss
Burgers for Breakfast
Constantly * Changing
Sin Yee
EmiLio (finally..)


First name - yeng nee. a strange name for you? or name myself as EmiLio, can i?
Nickname - oh.. it's so embarrassing to name it out here.. well, MOST of my frens call my AH MU. i prefer you guys to call me nee. sound closer, yea..
Name you wish you had - i like my name, so yeng nee is my dream name. ahahaha!
What do people normally mistake your name as - yen nee, yen ni and the list goes on. some pronounce my name wrongly, 艳‘尼’instead of 艳妮, spot the difference?
Birthday – 10th of March.. it's approaching so you know what to do *wink*
Birthplace - Miri, the little place where they insist to call a CITY
Time of Birth - when the sun is glowing proudly, i dont know what the exact time is
Single or taken – single
Zodiac sign - pisces, people say pisces-es are romantic and dreamy. agree?

Your Appearance

How tall are you – can i keep it as my secret? my height makes me feel tiny. haha! well, i am just one and a half 1-metre rulers. haha!
Wish you were taller – of course! 160 will be perfect.. i wont ask for more. haha!
Eye color – brown? or black? i am not so sure..
Eye color you want – na.. nowadays we can change our eye color easily.. coloured contact lenses!
Natural Hair color - a bit brown.. not as black as an asian's hair should be
Current Hair color – too brown, perhaps i should try wine-red next time
Short or long hair – consider as long e..
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color – never, i am not that brave
Curly,Straight,Wavy - curly, artificially
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair – something dramatic? you mean dying and curling up my hair?
Glasses or contacts – currently still wearing glasses, although some say my spec spoil my look
Do you wear make-up – only during concert and prom nite. well, i think i dont look that scary e.. no offense though!
Ever had hair extensions – certainly a NO
Paint your nails – yes! i often do that! i love pampering myself by buying different colours of nail colours.. it's a pleasure!

In the opposite gender

What color eyes - hmm.. any can do, i think..
What color hair – brown? or black? as long as it's not too unacceptable..
Shy or Outgoing – outgoing, of course!
Looks or personality – personality certainly comes before look! my mum always tells me, 'aha! dont judge a book by its cover!'
Sexy or Cute – can i have both? haha!
Serious or Fun – FUN
Older or Younger than you – as long as he is not too young or not too old (did i answer this question?)
A turn on – a sunny bright smile. i love boys with sunshine on their faces all the time
A turn off – picking his nose in front of me? oh ya.. dont SPIT in front me!

This or that

Flowers or Chocolate – i am a chocolate lover! flowers are nice to see but chocolates are sweeter :)
Pepsi or Coke - coke, though it's not healthy
Rap or Rock – no ideas..
Relationship or One night stand – relationship is much more stable, isnt it?
School or Work – school! i love being around with those funny dudes!
Love or Money – i am a typical pisces so what do you think i will choose?
Movies or Music - music, though i know nothing about music. perhaps movies arent that bad too..
Country or City – country? but i will miss the hustle and bustle in the city, for sure
Sunny or Rainy days – i love sunshine boys so i will certainly prefer sunny days! getting darker? no worries.. i hav my sunblock!
Friends or Family – family comes 1st..

Have you ever

Lied - ya, i admit. who never lies anyway?
Stolen something – yes.. stole someone's heart?
Smoked – no.. i dont like and cant stand the 'scent'
Hurt someone close to you – yes
Broke someones heart – another yes. am i too cruel?
Wondered what was wrong with you – sometimes.. but i am quite pleased with myself
Wish you were a prince/princess – do princesses have to be really ladylike? if that's the case, then it will be a NO
Liked someone who was taken – secretly.. no!
Shaved your head – oh.. i dont like being hairLESS
Been in love – am i too pity if i say NO? luckily.. it's a yes, although we didnt live happily ever after like the happy ending
Used chopsticks – ya.. i am a chinese!
Sang in the mirror to yourself – it's weird but.. ok, it's a yes
Favorite Flower – erm.. the little yellow flowers sawying beside the road
Candy – ya, i love candies.. those can be bought from famous amos
Song - songs? it will be a long long list if i list them all out. soothing melody will do
Scent - i dont use perfumes.. so i prefer body lotion scent.. smell likes a baby
Movies - comedy! tragic movies are often too sad..
Singer – Olivia, perhaps?
Junk food – chocolates!
Website – or haha!
Lotion - johnson and johnson's body lotion? haha!
Animal – human!
Ever cried over someone – oh.. i am a cry baby..
Do you think you're attractive – can you guys answer this for me?
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – Little Red Riding Hood? haha!
Do you play any sports – cardio dance, the one and only..


The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules.- List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

*i love listening to certain melody until i fall asleep at nites
*i can sleep with the lights on
*books are part of my life
*i have a ring on my left index finger, a gift form my mum
*i love blogging (oww.. everyone knows that..)
*i am constantly changing, and, growing
*i hope i can learn how to play piano somedays in the future, anyone willing to teach me?
*i am scared of drastic changes

can i break the rules? i will leave the tagging-people part for those who would like to hav fun playing this!

so.. do you get to know me better? i hope so..

n lastly,



  1. 元宵節快樂。


  2. 女人,我真不得不佩服你的耐心。。。

    祝你元宵节快乐。。 吃得开心。。。记得为我抛一粒柑,这里的河边离我很远呢!

  3. 艳尼=艳丽的尼姑,感觉很怪;艳妮=艳丽的妮子,感觉迷人,哈哈~
    Another question for u,do u mind to hav "further"relationship before married?wahaha~(just kidding)

  4. 堕天使,没去,一向都不曾抛柑,你呢?有没有去凑热闹啊?


    colby, my post reli works! haha!


  5. 我不能拋柑也不能撈柑,去也沒有意義。

  6. emilio,原来你是静如处子,动如脱兔的丰满好色女尼,有意思,哈哈~

  7. 那么长啊,你很有耐心啊~
    看你每次都复每个tag XD

  8. 这个tag...
    超级长啊... = w =

  9. 堕天使,没关系,快乐过元宵就好了=)