Thursday, May 15

Light me a candle, will you?

Someone grumbled

'Those blog in chinese dont even care to appreciate me.'
no offense though, the 'those' refers to his friends who know very well that he cant read and understand chinese
oh? is it so?

hey, you really should learn some chinese, dear Mr HenZ!

let's get back to the topic

at this very moment
mum, sis and neighbours are all deep asleep
wandering like a lark in their dreamlands
but i just cant help to yell...


to this little kingdom where my mind and thoughts spur
imagination run wild, breathing in spiritual freedom
here, my words scatter all over on the fresh-smelling soil
not knowing where the boundary is

surprisingly, i found out that i have been
flirtatious, with
the header and
the way i should name my very own fortress

the very first
'she loves to think n talk a lot..'
ah.. then i sneered at its length
她爱 ☆ 轻思晴语
a shorter one, unfortunately, neither did it satisfy me
嫣红翠绿 ☆ 轻思晴语
something unknown was still lost, i traced it nowhere

a smirk spread victoriously when it popped up out of a sudden

but still, it wins my heart
and it means a lot
to me, at least

i really should thank her
i can sense that she's smiling proudly right in front the screen
the one who motivated me to bulid a tunnel here
the way out of my every single thought

not to forget
the he, she and you who know me through my blog!
there are millions and billions of people out there
yet, somehow, we are linked to each other
miraculously (dont you think so?)

who am i to be so long-winded here?
i am just a tiny bit out of the billions

once again

blast your 1st burfdae,

blogging in english kills my precious brain cells

at least Henry can read and understand
he doesnt need to squeeze all his leftover brain juice
just to get my chinese
i know he doesnt have much to waste *evil grin*

hey people, wake up!
no dozing-offs until you get the candles lit!


  1. 这么快这里已经一岁了?!
    不可思议 不可思议……

    (唉,每天化学生物的,搞到现在词穷,不懂该说些什么祝贺语了 呵呵)

  2. happy burfday 2 ur blog
    oop...sry,i forget 2 buy present^^

    "i can sense that she's smiling proudly right in front the screen"
    huh...wad r u proud ya my dear....

  3. Emilio,no matter what language u are using,u owis sound sentimental.
    All women like to be flirtatious,some are restrained by shyness,how about u?haha~
    Fate links me to your blog,love links me to your heart,wahaha~

  4. wow...
    Happy First Anniversary to ur bloggie... :D
    the second last paragraph...
    so evil la u... =.="
    but i like... XD

  5. Happy First Birthday to your blog ~
    do keep up the good work, cheers ^_^

  6. I'm Indian, perhaps you can write in Tamil for your next article? haha .. you should b fair to everyone MAH!!!

    Happy birthday to 嫣红翠绿 ☆ 轻思晴语

  7. 原来,那件事的确重要。生日快乐,我献上最真诚的祝福,艳妮,诞辰快乐!

  8. 처는HuiminG,

    never mind, i wont mind to receive belated present! haha! that 'she' refers to one of my close friends who motivated me to blog. sure she will smile proudly if she knows that i mentioned her in this post. hehe!

    you too are doing the same here. no matter what languanges you using, you still can be that flirtatious! hahah!

    ya i agree! eventhough that sentence sounds evil, i like it! thanks for your wishes too! *wink*

    ya, happiy birdday to my lil' blog! thanks joseph!

    thanks a bunch ya! hope my words wont disappoint you too! *wink*

    but i dont know tamil o.. perhaps you can teach me? no longer 嫣红翠绿 ☆ 轻思晴语 lo.. it's 妮泞中,艳丽 now. haha!


  9. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

    We love Emilio~~

    p/s: I called it "pu3 gong1 yin1". Hehehe~~ sorry, my "han yu pin yin" quite lame :p

  10. huhu~
    but i mind 2 gif belated present naa^^

    ok ok,u treat me eat cake,i gif u present,ok?

  11. BeverLy's Secret,
    thanks a lot babe! we love BeverLy's Secret too! so dandelion is 蒲公英! the mother nature's another masterpiece!

    when i can finally get to know how to bake, do you mind to have a piece? haha! anyway, really thanks for the wishes!

  12. 我是不是该回应英文?之前看到妳在我那边留言,还没想到妳说的就是这一篇。


  13. 欧洛格,