Friday, June 18

E for? english and Emi!

finally, no more constipation. my oh my, exams are always as suffocating.
that's why it's so important to have fun when you're not supposed to :D
like to count your shit before flushing it away?

and i think i am very good in it. too good in fact.
*self-applause sankiu

the last paper was a pain in the ass, not that the others weren't.

it cost me not only the i-can-no-longer-feel-it-right hand and the anxiety i never felt before,
but also the disastrous headache right after i left the exam hall.
yea right. right at the time when i should cheer and chant.

ditch my notes? i'm adventurous in nature in some ways perhaps.

i give away my notes when i don't even know whether my answer deserves merely just a pass.
just get my fingers crossed and believe in miracles.
but then again, this ain't something you can get through just by praying hard enough.
a cold hard fact and i am well aware of it. the pisces isn't that dreamy after all.
she knows when to stay and when to leave. and what's the best for her, sometimes.

Me likes You but You loves Her and so destined that Her happens to love You too.

and since spain lost so Me is not gonna tell You how Me feels anymore.
You, babai. oh, say hi to the lucky Her.

how many actually understand when they read this? not many.

so appreciate the few who feel the same deeply, and who care.

i-don't-give-a-damn is not my way of being cool. i am not cool anyway.

being made of flesh and blood, i feel everything.
that's why i am not an amphibian or some reptiles.

the emotional crush inside is fatal. but telling yourself not to cry is more than enough to kill.

some told me, Darling, it's alright to cry.
we don't have to be that tough every time.
aah not that i'm tough, i just don't want to laugh at myself when i look back at the old times.
when i get older enough to sneer at the old immature self.

who doesn't grow anyway? ok skip, this is way too gloomy.

my breakie-break started when the clock struck 1815 on the 16th!

so home-sweet-home soon babeh! yet the worst part of going home is to pack.
and i seriously dislike this! :/ how can you pack an elephant in a mousetrap?
eew. packing seriously sucks. ok, travel lightly then. i hope.

a day out with the girls today. good food good companion.

where when and what are not the issues. it's the who that matters most.
i'm so gonna mish this bunch of little brats when i'm home.
will you girls mish me the same? 
ok keep your mouth shut if you're saying nah -_-

oh, got something FOR FREE from one of the girls!
presenting, the nerdie-nerd! drum roll pleash wtf

p.s. i'm not glamorous enough so you don't have to steal this
*as if someone's going to wtf*

somehow i don't look like me. oh, meet Emi.

another half of mine, and my spokesperson whenever i'm away on a holiday.
she is sweet and she doesn't drift away to some fantasies as much as i do.

instead of casillas my love, she likes zinedine zidane. oh, count kaka in also.

she's the one who taught me how to wtf too. great job, Emi. *thumbs up

oh yeah enough of crappy-crap, it's time to hit the bed!

another eight-in-the morning-great tomorrow to pack, clean and wash.
yea as long as i am still awake, today is still yesterday
and it will only be tomorrow when i wake up the next morning wtf

good night world and Lio is on the way. i love you :)

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