Saturday, October 30

time like this.

they say this is not healthy, but I still like it, to bits.

why do junks always have to taste that great? sinful indulgence.
and what's for tonight? cracker's belle epoque may, ditching yiruma just for a night. :)

so many thoughts tonight, though I talk little.

when we think more, we tend to talk less; and when we talk more, that's cause we don't think enough.
funny thing, mutually exclusive the T's-brothers.

there are times when silence is the pick, and I'm just too lazy to talk.

but the ironic thing is that, I appear offline just to see who's online, or rather, who I can talk to.
it's quite warm, when people can find me though I'm 'invisible'.
be it an irritating nudge. or even, a rude 'OI!'.
amazing eh?

just can't heart my bolster more.

it smells like me, it smells like home; it gently lulls me to sleep, it's love.

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