Friday, October 22

"walking gets too boring, when you learn how to fly."

done with some of the chores and I'm feeling lazy again. yea, just some.
have been waking up early in the morning lately, like around 530?
to make sure that sis wakes up or else she will be late for school.
after she's gone to school, back to my slumberland again while my room is being lit up, slowly, by the sun.

home since sunday, and the pile of notes is the main cause of the 20.9kg I brought back. yea..

nah, it is just a tip of an iceberg I have back in kuching.
I wonder, how am I gonna bring all those stuffs back during december?
and what have I done in the past 2 years? so much rubbish in my room. so much rubbish in there too.
papa, buy me a Doraemon please? I don't mind being the crybaby Nobita.

thought I will be able to study more when I'm home, cause I didn't announce my homecoming.

but then, yam-cha sessions are inevitable and I actually heart those moments.
have good laughs, and talk. about our future, our careers.
no longer about the senior guy or the girl next door. things we talk about get, mmm.. a little more interesting. getting updates about everyone, no longer how many As you get in the exams, or how often you ponteng.
graduating, working and even marrying. remember just how much we struggled just to cope well with 10 papers? just another entirely different horizon of life? no longer that kiddy and worry-free, no more the I-don't-care attitude.

greattt. so my must-study-hard-gao-gao mission failed, gracefully. pps is just too addictive at times.
ok, jk. it's the not-determined-enough me who gets distracted so easily.
the weather is a pain in the ass. all of a sudden I miss the study rooms, with notes and my girls.

alright, time for some refreshing stuff. feeling too hot does the study mood no good.

and shakira's gypsy, added to the playlist.
and it sings, to whom it may concern, only run with scissors when you want to get hurt.
true enough, no?

so mr. paperlike, how are you doing? still keep your hair nice and short?

you know, it's been 2 months plus, since I last saw you. :]

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